Why ALL ON 4 Treatment with me? 

ALL ON 4 can be a predictable and successful treatment if it is well planned and executed from start to finish. This implant based treatment modality gives a lot of  hope for those patient who has hopeless, un-salvageable dentition. Four to six implants are placed in the jaw bone which will support the zirconia or acrylic teeth  that can easily restore patient’s chewing ability and smile. The implants can be tilted to avoid anatomical features and thus may not need bone grafting or sinus lift procedures.  

My patients usually have lots of fears and concerns about ALL ON 4 treatment when they come in to see me for the consult. After listening to their concerns, I start the treatment planning process with a CBCT scan that gives me an accurate information about their current bone volume that helps me to determine whether the patient is a candidate for ALL ON 4 Implants in the first place. A CBCT scan also gives me a three dimensional view of jaw anatomy to locate any infection or disease progressing in their jaw bone. I sit down with the patient and show them their scan which is usually an eye opening experience for the patient and patient get to see the condition of their teeth and jaw bone. 

My treatment  philosophy is that I want my patients to know: 

  1. Whether they are a candidate for the treatment
  2. An appropriate plan of action
  3. Rationale of every treatment steps
  4. Their specific surgery challenges and how we are going to handle it 
  5. Stages of treatment

Every patient presents with a different mouth conditions and consequently the treatment needs are also different. Patients needs to be informed and educated so they can have a positive outlook on their implant treatment and have realistic expectations so that we have a successful treatment outcome. I want all their fears gone by the time they leave my office and I assure them that all their work is handled exclusively by me from start to finish.

Patient with medical conditions 

I usually treat elderly patients who are on different medications and we have our own protocol to handle medically compromised patients in a safe and predictable manner to complete the treatment. Our office communicate with patient’s medical doctors and coordinate the treatment if necessary. Many patients with different medical conditions have been successfully treated by me. If you have are on different medications and thinking about ALL ON 4 treatment, you are most welcome to come in for a consult with Dr. Devi

Minimally Invasive and Guided Surgery Techniques

My ALL ON 4 surgery has been focused on minimally invasive surgical techniques, over engineering the bony foundation with bone grafts and abundant use of healing factors from patient’s own blood. My emphasis on using “error free guided surgery techniques ” 100 % of the time eliminates all the “ stress and errors” in multiple implant placement during the day of surgery. Patients also go through a fantastic healing experience with minimum use of pain medications (rarely they use strong pain meds) because of the gentle surgical techniques I use during their surgery. I strongly believe in “Teeth in a day”concept which has definitely allowed my patients to heal without any complications.

Why Choose Dr. Devi for your dental treatment? 

  • Dentist with 25 years of clinical experience and specialty training on Prosthodontics and Implant Surgery. No matter how bad your mouth condition is, Dr. Devi is able to help you.
  • Being proficient in Advanced restorative treatment procedures and in implant surgical techniques,  treatment is handled exclusively by Dr. Devi from start to finish – Not switching patients from doctors to doctors.
  • Private meetings with Dr. Devi to discuss, understand and accept treatment plans that suit you. No sale persons in our office pressuring you to make your treatment decisions. Dr. Devi’s primary focus is to improve your mouth condition and quality of life, not to sell cases.
  • Holistic approach in treatments. Dr. Devi helped many patients by treating as a whole person and change their habits like smoking. You can read patient testimonials.
  • Dr. Devi treat only few patients a day and her schedule is kept very light. So you will receive the personal attention you deserve.
  • Dr. Devi offers sedation dentistry and treat patients with Dental phobia. Her calm personality and gentle touch made it possible for patients with extreme fear to undertake dental treatments after avoiding treatment for many years. Google reviews reveal so many patient’s life changing stories.
  • Our fees are very reasonable. Dr. Devi can work with you and will offer treatments plans that  fit your budget constraints. We do offer financing plans.
  • Exclusively beautiful, calm private office with an indoor waterfall.
  • Dr. Devi offer free consults and your initial visit consists of meeting with Dr.Devi to understand your concerns and treatment goal.
  • Hundreds of highly satisfied patients.

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